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Harem Music: Sultans of Swing

Are you planning to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Or are you having a liaison with an escort? Setting the mood does not entirely depend on your sexual partner. A mind-blowing sexual encounter is also contingent on you. You can be in command of the situation through a playlist that will surely create the desired sexual atmosphere during your tryst. In fact, music while having sex is a good ice breaker and mood setter. This being said, some people find it weird when there’s a music in the background while doing your business. However, it is only strange if you play weird music.

Harem Music: Sultans of Swing

A study conducted by scientists from McGill University found that tuning in some music while making love induces dopamine release. This is the same hormone that our brain releases when we requite ourselves with food or sex. A separate study showed that listening to sensual music shoots up our signs of arousal. These include skin conductance and heart rate.

Another research illustrated that listening to music while having sex burns the same calories as running the elliptical with your ears loaded with good-feel music. More so, harem music helps us to concentrate on our lovemaking moves and keeps us from being preoccupied with other thoughts. Furthermore, it is shown to help us last longer in bed.

Music for Sex

Based on the research of Dr. Francesca Carpentier of University of North Carolina, “music with sexually suggestive lyrics play a role in how we perceive romantic interests”.

If you are thinking of having sex tonight, you might as well play the Dirty Dancing soundtrack while doing it. As per the 2012 study of Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen, a music psychologist, the mentioned soundtrack was found to be the “best music to have sex to”. On the same research, 40 percent of the sample size thinks that the harem music playing in the background is more important than the caress of their partners in getting off.

There are also suggested music for sex depending on your sexual orientation. For instance, a sweeter sex session for monogamous couples is best with Colbie Calliat’s ‘I Do’ or ‘So Contagious’ by Acceptance. One night stands are more sexually fulfilling with Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’ playing in the background. More so, ‘Gay Bar’ by Electric Six and ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ by Mary Lambert are suggested for LGBTQAA couples.

Robert Kirby Spiritual Healing

music relaxation - spiritual healing

Robert Kirby has practiced on three continents and worked with many people and has seen his clients to be able to unlock their potentials, through his methods, and be able to achieve great success in their lives and businesses. In fact, he is not just limited to see people through a single lens.

He devoted many years in guiding people into radical changes through healing with sounds and music. Robert Kirby Sydney guides people into movement, music, passion and their heartfelt expression. According to him, music can be a very powerful tool for healing, as well as a means of communication and a way to lift up the human spirit. The power of music can connect people with their Divine Source and to open their whole being to the nautral healing forces. In fact, music has been used in healing and spiritual rituals for thousands of years in any culture and civilazation on the planet.

Even many people connect healing music with relaxation music, but healing power of music goes far beyond that. in the collective universal symphony of health, wellnes and prosperity, people also have their own personal music scale, as part of their individual uniqueness in the universe. In order to heal with music, all things around the universe have to be taken into account. It is also possible to identify, as well as restore the missing tones of music in people’s systems. In fact, tones relate to organs of the human body and those organs are related to specific emotions. For example, harmony can be restored with a balance music and sounds, that eventually produce healing. This is actually the great power of music, which has the capacity to reconnect every person to the source and returning him to his natural harmonious state.Music has the capacity to ‘speak’ the language of the soul. To connect to the source the people need to transcend and leave behind the rational mind and to unlease their intuition, which is very powerful.

Robert Kirby Sydney has already helped many people to change their lives, by giving them the chance to change and understand that the surprises in life await those who want a change and are healed by music. More specifically, he deals with spiritual, healing, energy, music and body psychotherapy. Because of this powerful technique, a renowned great spiritual leader was amazed by this kind of powerful healing. According to him, powerful healing can make people realize the most important things that they need to value in their lives. For instance, their passion, love and music, in order to be able to develop and guide their movement and expression of their emotions.
Powerful healing through music is a workshop therapy, which gives people the ability and motion to change what they believe, think and feel the sounds. This way they take good vibrations in their life through music, when they are attending these kind of workshops by Robert Kirby. All these are, in fact, once in a lifetime events, so people who need to elevate and have more positive vibes can grab this chance to meet and get taught from the powerful healer Robert Kirby.

The Great Power of Emotional Vibration

Have you ever wanted to get a connection with your life? Do you want to be alone and feel the great vibration of your emotions? In life, you need to find time for yourself to connect mentally, emotionally and spiritually, especially if you are frustrated, lost or something might be disturbing you. This is a great help. It can even open to a new you and can discover new you. Robert Kirby’s workshop and therapy, as this can be considered, helps different kinds of people in their different kinds of situations.

Never neglect the power of your emotions as this can also affect and direct your way of thinking. As everyday we feel different emotions and you need to understand and respect each of these emotions. The main key here is that you need to feel your emotions in order to understand why you feel them. Everyone needs to have this kind of therapy every once in a while, as this is helpful not only to those who experienced serious emotional problems, but also to those who needs emotional pampering, as everyone deserves the best treatment, especially dealing in the matters of the heart.

Dealing With Your Emotions

Most people think dealing with your emotions is simple. As there are several steps and methods of dealing with them. This is in order to achieve the positivity state of your emotions. This kind of workshop and therapy helps you connect with life consciously and has good connections with me, to which these are the steps in beginning to feel better already. As when you are emotionally disturbed or has emotional problems, one best way it can help you is to talk things out heartily with another person. If you know how to deal with your emotions already, then you can feel good vibrations coming in and you begin to see life positively and become happy with your family or with your life and with the people around you.

The Different Emotions

Different emotions reflect on how you feel during the day. If you are emotionally unstable then you are not happy at all. You do not have goals or plans in your life. Everything will be affected. This Robert Kirby’s workshop makes everyone feel a sense of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction. People who join are no longer sad, lost, angry or anxious about anything. Good emotional vibration starts to fill in and all of a sudden feel some new positive changes happen. The most important emotion you need to have here is being positive and happy in dealing with people, family and your life everyday. This kind of therapy is really worth joining.

Having to deal with different emotions is hard, especially if these are negative emotions. They block the happiness and good emotional vibrations. When you want to achieve this kind of fulfillment having a good, healthy and happy life, there are a series of steps to experience and to challenge yourself. Everything begins with you and everyday practice to evaluate your emotions and always be honest with what you feel. Give yourself a chance to change. You only need to work hard on this and have love and support from the people around you.

Music travels – a great opportunity for music lovers

Travelling comes in many different forms. Whether it will be a travel to a near destination or one to a pretty faraway place, whether you will take the bus there or you will use a plane, travelling can be about simple relaxation from the everyday routine, a visit with a certain task in mind or the regular sightseeing. Travelling is also something that is really enjoyable for most people and it is a preferred way to relax for many. And if you are a music fan, there is another really good option for you and it is to go on music travels. Music travels are a form of travelling that is a really interesting combination. When you go on such a travel you should expect to listen to the music that you enjoy and also see a great exotic place in combination with it. Very often the reason for music travels is a concert of your favorite singer or band. If this concert is happening in some other country and you still want to go, a music travel is your option to enjoy the concert and your favorite band and visit the place where the concert will be held while you are at it. That way you get all the benefits from two really enjoyable activities, which is something really exciting.

Music travels are a form of travel that became really popular in the last few years and many tourists opt for them and visit many concerts, festivals with music or simply places that come with a really rich musical heritage. There is surely a concert or a festival that is happening somewhere around the world every month if not every week. All these events are a great opportunity for music travels and depending on your preferences, you might want to check out some of them. Not to mention all the interesting destinations that will surely be included in the music travel which make it something that you really shouldn’t miss.

Also, you will get to easily explore the destination of your travel as the music at the place is something that really shows you the true colors of nature. By listening to the local music you can easily understand the culture and enrich yourself with some more knowledge. You get to travel, you get to explore an unknown city or place and, best of all you get to listen to your favorite music all during one amazing travel. What is there not to like about it?

Another really great benefit that music travels have is that you will be meeting people that have similar interests to yours. If they like the same music that you do, there are pretty high chances that they have other similar interests, too. This is a great way to meet many new people and bond with them as having similar interests is the easiest way to a good friendship. So what are you waiting for? Going on a music travel is an option that you shouldn’t miss at any case!